Jun 14, 2017


Remember climbing trees as a child, being carefree and loving the outdoors?

We’d like to bring that feeling back with Playworld’s re-energising playgrounds – Branch Out™

The tree is a natural focus place. It’s a destination that gathers people, offers ample of play opportunities, shade and relaxation.

There’s crawling and hanging when you go out onto a limb. Holding the trunk for stability, and also perching like a bird taking a moment to observe the environment.

“The climbing is complex and multi-dimensional,with asymmetrical forms and unpredictable paths,” explains Gabriela Diego, play designer for Playworld.

Branch Out™ encourages kids to work together, discovering new play challenges.

Using high quality materials and robust engineering, Branch Out™ is built to stand strong

Create your own Branch Out to suit your needs. The options are limitless. If you need help designing your individual playground, don’t hesitate to ask us at Parks Supplies for inspiration.

Here are a few standard designs to get your creative ideas flowing…..

Urban Roots brings the unmatched appeal and benefit of tree climbing play to areas where tree access is scarce..

Neverland combines organic themes and whimsical forms to provide rich imagination, social and physical play.

We’re always happy to hear from you. Even for a chat. Contact us to share the excitement for this playground that will trigger your childhood memories and put a smile on your face.