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We believe having fun is serious business.

At Playworld, our mission is clear: We believe the World Needs Play, therefore it is our mission to provide the world’s best play experience. You’ll see our mission come to life in every playground we build and on the face of every child we inspire. You’ll also see it embodied in every Playworld team member that you encounter. For three generations, we’ve built our company’s culture around core values that support our life’s work as the world’s leading advocates of play.  We succeed in delivering the essence of our mission by injecting play, personalization, and professionalism in every touch point we have with our customers.


Branch Out

Branch Out offers the appealing scale and features of nature play in an efficient, open layout that creates endless new possibilities for post and platform playgrounds

Themed Playgrounds

Themed playgrounds unlock imaginations for limitless play opportunities that delight everyone.


Give older, active adults the freedom of revitalizing fitness with LifeTrail, the outdoor workout designed to make it easier for users to perform daily tasks and enjoy a better quality of life.

LifeTrail includes 21 activity panels built on the principles of functional fitness: progressively challenging exercises patterned after the twists, turns, and movements of everyday life.


NEOS® is both – combining the explosive movement of sports with the speed and excitement of electronic gaming for one of the most fun cardio workouts you’re sure to ever experience. In fact, a study of NEOS showed that it’s comparable to playing soccer or jogging – raising heart rates an average of 20%.

PlayForm 7

PlayForm 7 incorporates the ultimate play experience with the appeal of art. It blends with any environment and architectural style. This truly unique play sculpture provides multiple play experiences: tactile, sensory, motion; offers areas for play under the structure; and inspires imaginative, open-ended play experiences.

Custom Playgrounds

What’s stopping you from building that special playground that will have children of all ages squeal with delight? Today’s dream can be tomorrow’s reality. The sky’s the limit.


Inclusive Brochure

Playworld inclusion brochure

Learn how easy it is to bring an inclusive playground into your community.

Inclusion matters, it’s about everyone enjoying and sharing in the holistic benefits of play – physical, sensory, and social.

Inclusive playgrounds are built on the foundation of existing playground guidelines, but go beyond them to facilitate engagement between children.

Playworld 2021 Brochure

Playworld Play Equipment 2021 Catlog

Product Brochure

Latest and greatest new products and see how #PlayUnites!

Schools Idea Book

Gather ideas and inspiration from our featured school playgrounds. Learn about recess and making the playground more inclusive.

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