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The Essence of Inclusive Play is to Encourage Everyone to Take Part

Every child has the right to play, to have the opportunity to join in and play with others - regardless of the child’s physical or intellectual abilities. Inclusive play matters. It is about enabling children to be a part of a community, making a difference, encouraging them to improve social interactions, engaging and making new friends. Inclusive play is about more than just the play equipment: it offers the chance to enjoy all aspects of play that include the physical, social and sensory.

Inclusive Playground Equipment Design Throughout Hong Kong

Inclusive Indoor and Outdoor Play for All

When designing an inclusive play space, it has to be free from restrictions and accessible to all – whether the child has a disability or not – whilst considering the diverse needs of the group. The playground has to offer a balance of play experiences for all ability levels while facilitating the development of children’s social and cognitive skills.

The playscape should enable diversity by providing play experiences from both ground and elevated levels. These must comprise of different levels of motor challenges and sensory experiences to be gained. Having lots of entrances and openings helps encourage play-based interactions between children inside and outside the play space. Not only is having the open spaces a benefit to the children, but it also opens up the opportunity for parents or carers as well as children to share and learn from one another, creating a barrier-free community.

Children’s Playroom Furniture

Spark kids’ imaginations with tailor-made playroom furniture designed to encourage inclusive play.

Play is an integral component of children’s healthy development. Why? Because play is predominantly how they experiment, observe and safely interact with the world around them.

A playroom or similar dedicated space with specially-designed furniture allows children to have an area for all of their activities where they can be as rowdy and messy as they like without impinging on other spaces. The team at Parks Supplies can help design, create and install kids’ playroom furniture to your specifications with a variety of finishes to suit any space.

Your Go-To Inclusive Playground Equipment Supplier

If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything you may need assistance with. Our inclusive playground designers are ready to help out however possible. You can either give us a phone call on +852 2390 6833, or email hq@parks.com.hk.

Project Highlights


36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Parks Supplies supplied the previous playground located on the 9th floor. The play equipment was generic, restricted the child’s flow of movement, limited their imagination and the various ways they could express themselves freely.

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Hung Fuk Estate, Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long, N.T.

Explore the Aeroglider that encourages cooperation & teamwork among children of all ages and abilities. Unique stepping platform on both ends provides an opportunity for more kids to play and increases the swaying fun.

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Taikoo Shing

Discover the various multi-level activities such as bouncing, rocking, turning and climbing that can be accessed and used from ground level and elevated levels.

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Useful Information

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Berliner Seilfabrik’s ‘Inclusive Playground – A Rewarding Challenge’ by occupational therapist Maria Feske explains in depth what inclusive play is and how to design an inclusive playground.