Jun 13, 2017


These unique Pro Ops can be installed to enhance new or existing park spaces, creating exciting and interesting obstacles to skate on.

I am so stoked to be a part of what ARC is pioneering with these new Pro Ops obstacles. This is something that has truly never been done before. These obstacles are totally unique. They’re so attractive, eye catching and fun to skate. It’s going to draw a lot of attention from the skate community and I think every skater is going to be stoked on these obstacles. These obstacles are going to add a lot of character to skate parks.
Shaun Hover, Professional Skateboarder

I’ve been skating 18 years now and I can definitely say in all that time I’ve never skated such an innovative and fun obstacle. Any skate park out there needing an obstacle that’s a lot of fun with endless trick possibilities and potential for plenty of unique tricks should have this ramp.
Joe Moore

Every skate boarder will want one of these in their own skatepark. I am excited to be part of this ground-breaking movement and what’s all to come.
Ronson Lambert

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