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American Ramp Company is the result of one skateboarder’s dream to do what he loved.

ARC’s innovative approach to skatepark design and construction can be experienced all over the world in very diverse cultures and climates.

From skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX bikers are all enjoying creative, challenging, and safe ARC parks that allow them the opportunity to practice their respective sports away from city traffic and landscapes.


Pro Series

The world’s most popular ramp system just got better! ARC’s revamped Pro Series MX has all the same features that helped earn its place as a municipality favourite with the added benefits of galvanized steel before finish application and a new tougher colour scheme. This all-steel system is virtually maintenance free and sure to retain its place as the most popular ramp system for years to come.

Solo Above Ground Series

Our Solo modular system could very well be the best of both worlds. Modular design that allows for reconfiguration and cost savings while at the same time using a concrete riding surface with a dense feel and great traction. The years of worry free maintenance combined with the desired concrete riding surface, precast precision, and incredible concrete strength make this a hands down winner for many communities.

X Series

The X-Series features a triple-layer system with an interchangeable riding surface. ARC is the only company to offer a true triple layer system making the X-Series the strongest and most durable ramp system of its kind on the market today. The acoustical underlayment allows you to choose any surface style while providing a quieter skate experience. Also, Our exclusive bolt through design and stainless steel fasteners allows the surface to be replaced or changed with minimal effort. If you are looking for a Skatelite Pro™, stainless steel, or Ramp Armor® riding surface with a steel framework and low maintenance, the X-Series is your ramp.

Stealth Series

Stealth Series takes the traditional lumber framed ramp and overhauls it using the latest in cutting edge technology and weatherproof materials. This product line could not be further from the classic wooden parks that were characterized by warped lumber and splintered surfaces. Once installed there is no exposed lumber and the framework is protected from the elements. High Density Polyethylene and Skatelite Pro™ complete the riding surface making this a product that is attractive and one that your community will be proud of for years to come.


Signature Pro Ops

The Pro Ops are designed with input from pro skaters and bear the signature of the pro that has endorsed it.

American Ramp

Product Catalogue

Discover the capabilities and various skatepark designs American Ramp have to offer.

Pro Portable Skatepark System

The Pro Portable skatepark line is engineered and designed with structurally reinforced fork-lift channels which allow for easy placement and removal.