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36 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Parks Supplies supplied the previous playground located on the 9th floor. The play equipment was generic, restricted the child’s flow of movement, limited their imagination and the various ways they could express themselves freely. It was time to develop the design and to steer away from the generic playground.

Brief for the project: To create an open space that would be an effective play space for young children to learn through interaction and movement whilst being environmentally friendly, functional and inviting. 

The Result: The Sky’s the Limit open space playscape

At Parks we were excited to be collaborating with Canadian International School of Hong Kong once again. We decided to design a three-dimensional open space incorporating a variety of components that the young students could interact with in their own individual styles and capabilities.

We chose to introduce a diverse level of difficulties within the three-dimensional landscape and the play equipment, allowing us to support the different age group users.

The Sky’s the Limit’s open space and play structures allows the young children to discover their own capabilities freely. It encourages them to develop their social interaction skills, their physical strength and mentally it allows them to experiment and discover which obstacles can be overcome at their own pace and individual approach. It promotes and gives the students opportunities to play in an unrestricted way, boosts their imagination and gives them chance to learn from those around them.

Many parents, teachers and students are happy that the dream of doing something new and different kept the project going through to completion” CDNIS Playground Committee

The staff enjoys using the space for learning and the students of all ages love it! They have a blast everyday swinging, running, relaxing on the grass, climbing and the list goes on, as there are many options for them.  It supports the play and inquiry based learning that is encouraged at Canadian International School of Hong Kong” CDNIS Playground Committee

At Parks, we are extremely happy with the outcome and we hope to create lasting positive effects for the students and staff of Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

  • Client: Canadian International School
  • Product Brand: Kompan, Parksform, PolySoft, TigerTurf, Wicksteed Playgrounds
  • Completion Date: August 2016