Feb 2, 2017


At Parks Supplies we can’t help but feel rather star-struck yet ecstatic to have Beckham visit Hong Kong and play on a pitch we built seven years ago!

On Monday 27th June, the lucky La Salle College C-Grade Football Team had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with the world class footballer, David Beckham, in a football clinic held on their Kowloon Tong school campus.

Wonder if Beckham is a fan of the non-filled 4G turf on which he effortlessly demonstrated his football skills as much as we are at Parks Supplies. In 2009, the school selected the Greenfields REAL FT multi-purpose soccer turf which we supplied and installed. The boys have been enjoying it for seven years now.

Some facts about 4G turf:

  • Playable under almost any weather conditions as soccer turf and multi-sport surface
  • No spillage or unpleasant odours from infill materials
  • Exceptionally durable, lasts 10 years or more, yet requires very little maintenance

Yau Ma Tei, KLN  Built Aug 2014
5,500 sqm

Kowloon Bay, KLN  Built Nov 2013
3,400 sqm

Hennef 05 Football Club, Germany
 Jan 2010

Stadio@Rooftop Futsal pitch, Singapore
Feb 2015

We’re always happy to hear from you. If you’d like to learn more about 4G turf, we will be delighted to explain further. Our technical and installation team have so much knowledge to share! We hope Beckham returns to Hong Kong soon, who knows which school and pitch he’ll visit next? It could be yours.