Our Branding Your Foundation

In the world of sports flooring Pulastic® is the No. 1 in sports complexes, schools, universities, dance schools, fitness and gyms, Pulastic® floors are everywhere! Our expertise, skills and many years of practical experience enable us to deliver top quality products and services with true added value for every customer. A team of more than 85 experts ensures that the company retains and expands its leading position. We have installed more than 35 million m² of Pulastic® sports floors in over 50,000 accommodations worldwide. The ultimate proof of our Number 1 position since 1965!


Pulastic® Classic

The traditional point-elastic sports floor systems that Pulastic® has been installing around the world since 1965.

Pulastic® Comfort Court

Pulastic® Comfort Court is a seamless polyurethane
system installed on a rubber shock pad base mat. This gives the system resilient characteristics that make it very pleasant and safe to play sports on. This multipurpose system can be used in both (very) warm and cold weather conditions without any change in the comfort of the system!


Pulastic® Classic Range

Pulastic® Classic is a range of traditional point-elastic sports floor systems.

Pulastic® Sports Floors

Pulastic® sports floors are developed and manufactured according to strict standards and installed by experts.

Pulastic® Comfort Court

Multifunctional outdoor sports flooring systems for all types of sports. For both fully open and sheltered outdoor courts.