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Percussion Play are a creative outdoor musical instrument manufacturer, determined to add harmony, soul and energy to inclusive and accessible outdoor play environments across the world.

With over 20 years experience in the play industry, the team at Percussion Play have one goal in mind – to lead the market in innovative outdoor music solutions accessible for all. We strongly believe that outdoor musical play and playground equipment ticks all the right boxes – offering cognitive, emotional, physical and inclusive play opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Combining our skills, we work hard to produce refreshing, interactive musical playful items and we love to create new, exciting ways to bring percussion to the outdoors. In each design we use our creative, musical and technical knowledge to ensure each instrument delivers in sound, appearance and durability. What’s more, our outdoor musical instruments are designed with inclusive play in mind and provide enriching play experiences and truly inclusive play spaces for all.

All of our instruments are manufactured by hand at our workshop in Hampshire, UK. Our instruments travel to play areas across the globe and we take real pride in each and every job we do. Whether your outdoor area (or budget) is large or small, we have an outdoor music solution for you.


Inspired By Nature

Colourful, and contemporary, the collection begins with Harmony Flowers and Harmony Bells – both flower-shaped ‘bell’ instruments – perfect for al fresco music-making in parks, playgrounds, and inclusive playscapes

Chimes and Bells

This exciting collection of tuned outdoor musical instruments from the percussion family are designed specifically for outdoor use and guaranteed to strike a chord. A wide variety of styles and options are available, with everything from tuned musical chimes, mirrored chimes, an oversized bell tree, a clever twist on a T-rung traditional folk instrument and enormous tubular bells.

Rainbow Collection

There’s something inherently cheerful about a rainbow that both children and adults enjoy; they elicit a sense of awe and delight, bringing the promise of sunshine and blue skies on the horizon.

With young children in mind, we hope to recreate this feeling with our range of bright, fresh and vibrant musical instruments; designed to help young minds learn music in a fun and accessible way. Most of the instruments within the collection have individually coloured notes tuned to a simple rainbow scale, this helps children as young as two follow simple tunes. By introducing key musical concepts such as pitch and tempo at an early age, children can engage with music in a meaningful way, satisfying their natural desire for creativity and, self-expression with no knowledge of notation. This can help develop several key development areas such as language, dexterity, and memory.


The outdoor drum is undoubtedly the oldest instrument in the world, from a hollowed out log covered in animal skin to a dried gourd, the drum has been the anchor of rhythm throughout the ages. A member of the percussion family, drums come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in practically every style and genre of music. Some drums are more common than others, notably Timpani, Snare and Bass playing an integral role in the overall feel of a piece of music.

Xylophones & Metallophones

Our xylophones and metallophones allow people to make some fantastic music without any lessons or training. Visitors love just playing around to discover the different kinds of sounds each instrument can make. They’ll soon discover how hard or soft to play, they’ll explore beat (pulse), rhythms, and experiment with creating their own melodies.


Provision for Special Educational Needs

Provision for Special Educational Needs

The Power of Music for Older Adults

The Power of Music for Older Adults

Musical Instruments For Visitors and Family Attractions

Musical Instruments For Visitors and Family Attractions

Percussion Play Product Catalogue

2019 Product Catalogue