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Erlau AG is one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent solutions for public spaces. The company’s range of open space equipment extends from outdoor furniture and waste bins to bicycle stands. Erlau products offer technical advancement, a sophisticated appearance and top quality that is “Made in Germany”. Planners and decision-makers value these products for their durability and timeless designs, and make successful use of them.

Erlau open space equipment provides comfort, cleanliness and safety. Erlau products meet even the toughest requirements to set standards for ergonomics and accessibility in public spaces.


Outdoor Furniture

Erlau object equipment sets the standards for quality, functionality and ergonomics in modern indoor and outdoor installations.

A combination of aesthetics and design, comfort and flexibility, protection against vandalism and durability is key to today’s concept of modern outdoor furniture.

No matter whether you are a community, an industrial facility or a transport company, a residential clinic or a private pool, our team are fully prepared to meet your requirements.


Object Equipment Outdoors Vol.2

Full range product catalogue of stable, weatherproof outdoor furniture.