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Berliner Seilfabrik were made in 1865, when a company producing ropes for the Berliner elevator industries was founded.

The quality of the Berliner ropes has gained a worldwide reputation. Now, with over 40 years of experience in the playground equipment industry, combined with our extensive rope manufacturing knowledge we have designed a variety of products for unique playground landscapes which comply with international safety standards. Our playground landscapes are instantly recognizable, due to the combination of extensive rope design development and creative ideas.


Greenville is the newest award-winning creation of Berliner Seilfabrik.

The space net as a play component is the perfect base for a structure on a playground to climb in.
Climbing in a three-dimensional net is a challenge and stimulates 3D-thinking and the psychomotor skills of children. The Greenville structures even become better by adding the bamboo panels to give them the resemblance of a classic play house in nature looks while still being more valuable with a three dimensional net for climbing and the space for recess like a playhouse.


The innovative space structure offers exciting play options never before experienced.
Cosmo is a whole new round of fun in play equipment: The first totally round rope play structure. Cosmo stands out due to its many freely selectable add-ons and diverse play activities. In addition to climbing nets and walls, a number of truly special features can be added all around, especially the “banister” with its double curved tubes.


The Polygode offers children the excitement of climbing high with plenty of space for lots of children to play.
The Polygode is designed for playing and climbing right to the top. Its pagoda-like proportions sets an original accent in the playscape that is eye-catching and play motivating in a magical way.


Net structures offer hours of fun and adventure on several levels – climbing, rocking, hand-over-hand climbing and swinging, up and down, horizontally and vertically – space on earth.
The original spatial nets: Born over 40 years ago as a play concept, continuously further developed in form and detail, still popular even after several generations. 16 nets in different geometrical shapes, sizes and supporting constructions form the planets in the spatial net universe.


With the UFOs, children of all ages can explore play and climb galaxies where no children have gone before – for even more fun and adventure.
The compact UFOs can be combined to produce larger and more complex fleets.


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Woodville combines the natural character, warm feel and the pleasant scent of wood with the durability, stability and resilience of metal.

Joe Brown Collection

This collection provides “natural” fun for kids!

Greenville Towers & Triis

Greenville is a special product range that, through being enhanced by bamboo panels, speaks a natural design language all of its own.

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