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Aqua Drolics designs and manufactures toddler pools and water play products for campsites, hotels, public pools and holiday parks. All products are made of polyester in our production facilities in Best nearby Eindhoven in The Netherlands. Aqua Drolics is renowned for its high quality and wide range of products. The continuous product development and expertise of our employees has led to a range of over 300 products. Many combinations are possible, as are custom-made products, allowing Aqua Drolics to make each pool unique!
The standard products are TÜV approved and comply with the current DIN and European norms.


Toddler Pools

The modular wading pool is made out of different elements. The variety of elements that Aqua Drolics offers for creating a toddler pool make it possible to choose your own shape and dimension of the kids pool.

The Advantages
A wading pool from Aqua Drolics offers several advantages:
• The elements are manufactured from high quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP), which is: very strong, UV resistant and scratch resistant;
• The bright colours attract children and make them want to jump right in;
• While the children are playing, the parents can sit and relax at the side of the kids pool;
• The preparations are relatively easy compared to other wading pools.

Water Play Products

There are more than 150 interactive water features that can turn your pool into a real water play paradise. This wide range of spray features allows you to add as much colour as you like.

The majority of the spray features are provided with water spouting effects and are interactive, guaranteeing water fun! Children can use the hand pumps to operate water jets themselves and, for instance, fill a tumble bucket with water.

The aquatic play features are divided into two different styles: the Coloured style and the Jungle style, but they can also be combined.

Water Play Structures

Water play structures can turn your swimming pool into great water playgrounds! The water playgrounds are available with various types of huts, with different slides and with different platforms. Also in this category we have divided the products into different themes: the Coloured style, the Jungle style and the Farm style.

Multiple water spouting effects can be added. For example, a water spouting effect can be added to the roof of the hut or onto the slide’s surface. The stairs of the water playgrounds have a non slip finish to increase safety.

Spray Parks

A Spray Park is a water playground with a splash pad or other spray park products on a flat, water-permeable floor. A splash pad in a spray park challenge the children to play with water in a safe and distinctive way. It is also possible to place most of our splash pad products in a children’s pool.

Splash area fit into many different situations, for example:
• In, or next to, existing children’s pool
• In, or next to, newly designed children’s pool
• In municipal parks or different public space
• In kids play area


Aqua Drolics

Book of Inspiration

There are examples of many beautiful projects in our Book of Inspiration containing our products and themes.

Aqua Drolics

Product Catalogue

Aqua Drolics has a range of 300 products divided in many different themes. View the catalogue to see all the products and themes.