Jan 8, 2019


Creating joyful interaction and emotional bonding

The You&Me Swing Seat will add hours of common joy to family life: parents and children swinging together, teachers and students, older siblings and younger ones, all sharing the floating feel of swinging high. The swinging movement, apart from being great fun, trains toddlers’ vestibular system, their sense of balance and space. The seated position trains the core muscles.

The new swing seat is aimed at 1-4 years age group. It is center positioned with one-chain allowing easy access to both seats while the seat is help steady in it’s natural equilibrium position.

The toddler seat has big holes for the legs to support easy access and egress for the child and the adult alike. The wide front grips prevent the seat from tilting forwards with the child. These features add to the feeling of security of the child – and of the adult. With the adult seated, the child will get a rare chance of eye-to-eye swinging and viewing the adult from varied angels when swinging. For the social-emotional bonding, this swing is unique.

“When a parent and a child’s eyes meet, there is an intense and significant moment of emotional bonding that occurs. This is called “attunement” and it enhances the social, emotional and cognitive well-being of both children and adults”

Attunement: Connecting Deeply With Those We Love
By Bryce Mathern• October 1, 2017

Product Highlights

  • Comfortable ergonomic seat shape increases the amount of time spent on the swing
  • Seat and frame bumpers allows safe play
  • Seats in different heights encourages eye to eye contact, strengthening relationship building play
  • Open frame design allows easy access to the seats making the design accessible and user friendly
  • Thrill of going faster and higher develops a cause-and-effect understanding
  • Social mixed age play for adults/child, siblings, grandparents/child
  • Compliant with EN 1176

Material Information

If you’d like to learn more about KOMPAN You&Me Swing Seat, we will be delighted to share more information with you too.