Jun 13, 2017


KOMPAN’s contribution to this is a brand new series of educational play designs that create a symbiosis of play and learning in supervised areas. These play pieces inspire and motivate play and help care givers support the child’s development through play in compliance with national early years curriculum guidelines.


Encourage life skills learning

There are numerous manipulatives and many little fun details to discover for the children. The details appeal to the children’s curiosity: items can be shifted, turned and opened to discover new play opportunities. The children find ways to cooperate, even before language and geometrical openings allow carers to open children’s eyes to the concept of shapes. Support the understanding of shape, space and measures, an important part of understanding Mathematics but also inspire social play and role play.

Children will having fun for the four Kompan Moments Toddler Play design

The Garden side has a door bell, a flag that can be hoisted up and down, a post box, a string with play sphere, a green see-through peep hole and a pot, which can be removed from its holder. The Home side has an indoor post box, shoes with laces, a switch, a green see-through peep hole, a blue tube to pass items through to the other side, and a mirror.

The Service side holds a measure meter to see if the wheels are okay, a bell to ring for service, a hole to leave your car keys in, if it is to be handed over for service and not least a petrol handle. The Workshop side has a Steering Wheel for testing the car and Gearing Wheels on the side tale.

Playing cooking or selling are two of the most appealing pretend and role play activities. On the wall items can be measured in centimeters or inches. The shop side has a counter, a conveyer belt, a switch, a microphone, a cash opening and a side table with a blue tube for change back.

The construction play is invited in the blue tubes and the see-through tubes. The toddlers pass items of various sizes and materials through. The side tables with moveable pots offer yet another possibility of filling and emptying. The unit invites numerous play activities such as peek-a-boo, supported by the many peek-holes and openings.

Kompan Moments is suitable for:

Educational units:

  • Nurseries, Day care, play centers

Public units:

  • Shopping centers, play centers, Hotels, Medical centers (dentist / doctors)

Commercial units:

  • Museums, Culture centers, Libraries

Product Highlights

Kompan® use FSC certified wood as well as recyclable steel and aluminium. As an innovation all our widely used HDPE panels are made of the new EcoCore material which is a highly durable, ecofriendly material:

  • Core produced from 100% recycled material
  • Recyclable after use
  • Supported by our lifetime warranty

Creating perfect play equipment is about striking the right balance between security and challenges. KOMPAN® strikes this balance by providing challenging playground equipment that, while complying with the European EN1176 and American ASTM F1487 safety standards, helps our children to grow.


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