Sep 26, 2017


Creating Urban Play Spaces.

Park ‘n’ Play in Copenhagen by Berliner

The 21st century is already proving to be the century of urbanisation. Roofs offer important potential for creating such play areas. Despite the trend towards greater urban density, the installation of play equipment at roof level opens up urban spaces and adds another dimension of functionality to buildings in the process.

Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt a. M. by Berliner

Every roof project requires an individual solution. The principal question at the start of every roof project is to what extent the existing roof structure may be modified. Can the play equipment be attached to the existing roof structure directly?

Berliner’s Creative Center has developed a wide variety of roof installation techniques, enabling their play components to be installed without the need for deep concrete foundations. Whether it be a single item of play equipment, entire climbing landscapes or individually tailored solutions, nearly any playground design can be realised up on the roof.

School Grounds in Copenhagen

The grounds of a school in Copenhagen’s modern Sydhaven quarter consists of a combination of “Terranos net landscapes” built across three different roof levels. In this case, it was not possible for Berliner to sink the foundations to the usual depth. To overcome this obstacle and enable the 63 posts to be installed on the roof, special cylinder-shaped foundation elements were anchored into the surface construction. The Terranos posts were inserted into these, before being covered with a dual-component quartz-sand resin. In this way, the play structure could be sturdily anchored onto the surface of the roof. The entire foundation construction was then skillfully hidden from view by the green EPDM soft impact surface.

At Parks Supplies, we have been creating playgrounds and fitness areas on roofs for many years. Similar to Berliner, we sometimes have to modify structures to make them applicable to the environment. Here are some of roof projects:

Canadian International School of Hong Kong (Click the image above for more information)

The Repulse Bay Clubhouse (Click the image above for more information)

On Shing Terrace, Taikoo Shing (Click the image above for more information)

Have a rooftop playground idea that needs help bringing to life. Big or small, give us a call, we’re always happy to hear from you. Or if you’d like to learn more about Berliner Seilfabrik, we will be delighted to share more information with you too.