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BSW is one of the leading suppliers of products made of polyurethane-bound rubber granulate. Using our material Regupol®, we produce numerous elastic, protective and absorbing products for a variety of applications.

Our product range focuses on the production of elastic sports flooring and insulation products. Our second mainstay comprises the production of foams.  We produce the world famous judo mats, BSW Tatami, other sports mats and customised moulded parts in compound foams.  We also supply compound foam as a raw material for the manufacturing industry.


playfix® indoor Safety Surfacing & Flooring

With playfix® indoor, BSW has developed a flooring system that fulfils the impact protection requirements and also has a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface. playfix® indoor consists of composite foam sheets, seamlessly sealed with a liquid, quick-hardening PUR coating. BSW is the only manufacturer offering an indoor safety floor of this kind. Adding logos, wording, lines and symbols is easy using our equally durable PUR paint.

everoll® Flooring

everroll® is our versatile rubber flooring which has been laid in thousands of fitness clubs, sports facilities, exhibition halls and sales areas throughout the world. everroll® is manufactured using a combination of different elastomers which give it a unique level of wear resistance and flexibility.

Regupol® kombi Flooring for Multi-Use Games Area

Regupol® kombi is the multifunction sports covering for training, school sports, trend sports and fun courts. The prefabri­cated dual-layered rolls are quickly and easily laid on asphalt and other bound sub-bases. Its force reduction is somewhat less than that stated in the standard. This makes Regupol® kombi popular for fast ball games with the highest possible ball rebound properties.

Regupol® Equestrian Flooring

Regupol® horse floorings create a soft, permanently elastic, insulating and skid-proof subbase, thus providing a more peaceful environment. Injuries, inflammations and overloads are reduced. The acoustic and thermal insulating properties of Regupol® horse floorings ensure a quiet and tranquil environment. Regupol® floor coverings are clean and economic, they are the ideal solution for keeping horses in an environment that is suited to their needs. They are suitable for stalls just as well as for outdoor areas because they are weather resistant and durable.

Regupol tartan® Running Tracks

“I love Regupol running tracks.They are fast, they feel the same everywhere on the track and they have no joints.” Usain Bolt

Regupol® running tracks maintain a top position among synthetic floors, which are of prime importance for many of the world’s athletes. They are manufactured in accordance with the IAAF quality criteria and the DIN 18035-6 directives for synthetic surfaces in outdoor sports grounds. Regupol® running tracks are suitable for both international professional sports as well as for school and popular sports. Their material composition was developed in accordance with physical sports requirements and incorporates a balance between speed, non-slip qualities and shock absorption exactly rated to the physical constitutions of athletes.

Regupol® Safety and Elastic Tiles, and Elastic Moulded Parts

Safety surfacing is essential on every children’s playground. EN 1177:2008 tested and certified Regupol® impact protec­tion surfaces and elastic floors from BSW guarantee reliable safety in this area. The various designs that characterise Regupol® impact protection offer every architect and landscape planner the right solution for every situation.


playfix® is the seamless floor covering for impact protection, applied in situ. Its versatility is as unsurpassed as the design scope it offers. playfix® safety flooring can be applied to smooth, curved or slanting surfaces to create diversified play

Regupol® Flooring for Shooting Ranges

It is undeniable that top-class marksmen need top-class protection. For more than 40 years BSW´s high-quality Regupol® Safety Elements and Flooring have been providing optimal protection from ricochet, rebounds and bullet fragmentations. BSW´s universal and complete solutions are available for all danger areas in shooting ranges, such as floors, walls, ceilings or bullet traps.

Regugym® climb Flooring for Climbing Halls

regugym® climb flooring for climbing halls are a combination of shock-absorbing elastic components and robust surfaces for hall sports flooring or sports mats. They combine reliable pre­vention of accident consequences with a long service life, while also being very user-friendly.

BSW tatami Martial Arts Mats

Most martial arts athletes have known about the high quality of BSW tatami judo mats and BSW mixed martial arts mats for decades. Already back in 1972, during the Olympic Games in Munich, BSW had developed the pioneering properties of its judo mats. Our martial arts mats have been setting international standards since then and have been continuously improved up to today.


playfix® indoor

Safety surfacing & flooring for indoor play areas

Regupol tartan®

Suitable for both international professional sports as well as for school and popular sports.

Regupol® kombi

Includes five variable sport flooring systems that have been developed for different kinds of sports and versatile sport user groups.

Equestrian Flooring

Regupol® floor covering provides the ideal solution for keeping horses in an economic and clean environment that is suited to their needs.

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