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KOMPAN develop, produce and market an extensive range of playground equipment that covers all age groups. All our playgrounds are designed from the ground up to improve childhood health and learning. And all our products offer compelling design, high play value, uncompromising safety, unique innovation and long-lasting quality.



Creating a fun environment that inspires play, encourages movement, and sets the challenges that children in this age group love. The classic post-and-platform structures promote a wide range of activities, including climbing, balancing, sliding and gathering.


Advanced materials provide outstanding durability, while allowing playful details, such as holes to peek through, finger mazes to feel and follow, and washboards to strum on. The special design from KOMPAN makes every single surface an exciting invitation to play. Thanks to new activities and components, the routes children can take are even bigger, and the challenges more thrilling than ever.


With its iconic, geometric shape, impressive size and professional climbing grips, a BLOQX on your playground will draw kids like a magnet. It provides a world of opportunities for making up games, creating special routes around the structure, pushing each child’s individual limits, or just hanging out with friends. With its “modern sculpture” appearance, BLOQX is a perfect fit for urban environments.


Since its launch in 1998, the revolutionary, award-winning GALAXY line has reinvented the way children play and challenged conventional ideas of what playground equipment should look like. Its stellar design is out of this world, marking a dramatic lift-off from traditional play solutions for children aged 6 and up. The transparent design also enables GALAXY to blend in with its environment, allowing the landscape to be seen through it.


With an ICON playground it’s easy to coax children out in the fresh air – while still enjoying the kind of games they like to play indoors. Each product comes with up to four fun games where children can play individually or team up, discuss rules and strategies, and have endless hours of outdoor excitement. They can even play after dark, when ICON’s glowing lights beckon children all around to join in the fun of outdoor gaming.


KOMPAN Robinia represents a new way of designing the playground. By taking a unique, holistic approach to creating a play area, we stimulate children’s interest in nature and introduce an understanding of nature into their lives. Robinia’s natural materials and appearance make it ideal for park settings as well as other areas where the surroundings call for natural-looking play equipment.


Children simply can’t resist the temptation to climb to the top of a Corocord net. Spacenets are dynamic structures with an iconic three-dimensional presence. The entire Corocord product range gives an endless variety of shapes, sizes, geometries and playing scenarios. The special Corocord rope comes in many colours and the assortment offers extensive possibilities for customisation.


X-ERCISE is an excellent way to offer people an easy way to get their 30 minutes of recommended exercise every day. An outdoor fitness area can be used as a station for a complete workout, or to add variety to a walking or running trail. X-ERCISE embraces personal wellness and supports healthy, balanced physical exercise.

Kompan Design Studio

The KOMPAN Design Studio is a special innovative unit, who makes your playground visions a reality. We believe in thinking differently and by challenging the status quo, we strive to achieve our core mission in creating the playground as an amazing architectural experience.


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