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AFN Sports is one of the biggest manufacturers of sports equipment in South East Asia, Europe and Australian market. With more than 25 years experience in the industry.

The philosophy of AFN Sports is to produce high quality aluminium sports & athletic products and accessories for the Global market. We are certified by IAAF, German TUV & BWF.



AFN Sports has a selection of badminton posts made from sturdy aluminium profiles. Umpire chairs, badminton mats and nets are can also be found in the range.


AFN Sports has a large range of single and double basketball posts made from special aluminium profiles. Mobile or in ground versions are available. Wall mounted systems with non-foldable rings, basketball post padding, backboards, mobile netball posts and basketball accessories can all be found in this range.


Multi-use aluminium spectator stands are manufactured in the standard version with three levels of seats 3 metres long. The different levels guarantee a good view of the events taking place. The complete construction of our versatile spectator stand is manufactured from aluminium. The seating area and the steps are made from special aluminium profiles and are additionally anodised and treated to be non-slip.


AFN Sports has a large variety of soccer goal posts. Ranging from competition goal posts, to training, practice and junior goal posts. All are made from a special aluminium profile. Player and coaches cabins, linesman flags, nets, and substitute boards can all be found in this range.



Basketball post systems, post padding, wall mounted systems, ceiling mounted systems, netball posts, basketball rings and many more.


Badminton post mobile, umpire chairs, badminton mats and nets


Range of row benches available in different lengths, retractable seating, and locker benches

Soccer & Rugby

Range of soccer goal post sizes, rugby goal posts, player & coaches cabins, player tunnels, linesman flag and many more.

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