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Sports surfaces

Sports surfaces

Top Range of Sports Surfaces for Hong Kong Gyms


Parks Supplies Company Limited doesn’t just supply playground equipment, we’re also highly recognized as a leader of both indoor and outdoor sports surfaces. If you’re in the process of building or renovating a sporting facility, let us provide you with a surface. Getting the right sport flooring is an essential part of creating a great playing experience, no matter the sport.

Tiu Keng Leng Sports Centre | Product Brand: PULASTIC | Completion Date: October 2015


Realty Gardens | Product Brand: REGUPOL® | Completion Date: July 2016


Bradbury School ESF | Product Brand: PULASTIC | Completion Date: 2012


Gym at Miramar Hotel | Product Brand: EVERROLL® | Completion Date: July 2007


Creating the right surface for every sport hasn’t always been an easy process. But, luckily, with today’s highly engineered and easy to install flooring options, it’s simple to create a floor with just the right amount of grip, resistance, bounce return and relatively soft impact (compared to bare concrete). Parks Supplies is proud to stock a select range of European made sports surfaces for Hong Kong gyms, outdoor and indoor sports centres, recreational facilities, and more.

The Repulse Bay Gym | Product Brand: EVERROLL® | Completion Date: November 2015


Suppliers of quality artificial turf


We are experts and renowned for our non-infill 4G artificial turf stocked and supplied around Hong Kong.  We source from the world’s leading artificial turf companies such as Greenfields and Tiger Turf, to ensure a superior material. We can provide you with a surface that rivals the look and feel of real turf, with the low maintenance and cleanliness of highly engineered materials. Looking for some more inspiration? Take a look at our Products page or Project Highlights page, we’ve worked on heaps of great projects before.

La Salle College | Product Brand: GREENFIELDS | Size: 7,200 sqm (approx.) | Completion Date: August 2009


Wah Yan College | Product Brand: GREENFIELDS | Size: 5,500 sqm (approx.) | Completion Date: August 2014


Skypitch, Kellet School | Product Brand: GREENFIELDS | Size: 3,400 sqm (approx.) | Completion Date: November 2013


We believe in fitness being an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and believe a fun, sociable experience helps others get motivated. This is why we supply flooring and surface solutions for sports, so we can get everyone excited about working out.

Hong Kong Army Cadets Association | Product Brand: MAPEI | Completion Date: October 2017


Fung Tak Playground, Tsz Wan Chan | Product Brand: PLAYWORLD


We want to supply you with the best quality sports surfaces for your requirements. This means safety, affordability and durability. If you’re in need of an artificial turf or sports surface, contact us today on +852 2390 6833, or email hq@parks.com.hk.