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Safety surfaces

Safety surfaces

HK’s Supply of Safety Matting for All Areas


Safety matting for playgrounds has come a long way since the days of gym mats and bark chips. Now, kindergartens, schools, nurseries and more can get safety flooring that’s purpose built for use by children in active areas. Parks Supplies Company Limited is proud to supply and install a great range of safety flooring for HK organisations that is tested and compliant with BS 7188. These surfaces come in a range of fun colours, meaning you can style the look of the fitness and play area to suit your branding or school colours.


Safety surfaces for playgrounds and outdoor areas


Our capabilities have now advanced, not only can we provide two dimensional safety surfaces, we can also provide three dimensional surfaces incorporating the surfaces into the playscape. In turn, this offers more fun and thrill for the children to run on, while still being safe and secure. With the right materials, we’ll make your space an adventure land for kids.

Parks Supplies Company Limited is the supplier of choice of safety flooring for schools across Hong Kong. We work closely with school management as well as landscape designers (if applicable) to ensure the right material is selected for the area. For example, outdoor playgrounds without shelter or cover may require a porous surface with good drainage. Or, if building from scratch, the school may require matching seating and accessories. We can supply safety matting and more at great prices, so you can spend your school budget on more important things.

We want to provide you with the safest products of the best quality. Our knowledgeable team will listen to your requests and design something perfect for you. So if you’re after safety flooring, we want to be your first choice! Don’t hesitate to contact our team at +852 2390 6833, or email hq@parks.com.hk.